To feel great and avoid disease, you need to know some stuff

First off, the key to health is the endocrine system–which almost nobody knows about. So I wrote a book about it for your Kindle. And also an indexed paperback version. Plus, a downloadable version, which is also indexed for easy reference.

We surely need to know about this amazingly complicated, easy-to-beat-up system. If you have health problems, your endocrine system is in there mixing it up and causing at least part of the problem. But nobody tells us what’s going on, we don’t read about it anywhere, and so we don’t know.


How to tell when your endocrine system isn’t up to snuff

We know for sure we’re always tired and kinda depressed. Getting our brain to hold on to a thought is like pushing string sometimes. Add a digestive system that insists on doing the fandango, no energy, no hair, no libido–more symptoms than you knew existed–and life is not so good.

But we don’t know why. And because endocrine tests are so unreliable, we may have been told everything’s just fine with our glands.

So we kind of drag through life.

Even worse–and what nobody mentions–a whacked endocrine system is a long walk on a short pier that leads to disease. Diabetes. Heart disease. Cancer. Name a disease, any disease.

We really need to know the players and what they do

Disease rates have skyrocketed in the last fifty years. And they will continue to do so until we get serious about the well-being of our endocrine system.

This creates a bit of a problem. Pretty much nobody understands the endocrine system and how it works. Well, how it’s supposed to work. And few know that this system includes the thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, thymus, pineal, pancreas, ovaries, testes, hypothalamus, bones–and even our blubber.

And even if we know what all the moving parts are supposed to do, figuring out how to get our glands to stand up straight and tall can be perplexing.

Especially since most of what we read and hear is wrong. And not just a little bit wrong, but stand-on-your-head wrong.

And we have to get it right. If we don’t understand the endocrine system, we’re sitting ducks for all sorts of misery. Perhaps the force will be with us, so we live to 112, disease free, and die smiling. But probably not.

We need to know how things work–and now we can.

Introducing the Key to Your Good Health

I wrote Your Key to Good Health: The Amazing Endocrine System to introduce you to the endocrine system, explain what each of our endocrine glands is supposed to do and what gets in the way–including some of the everyday stuff we do that invites endocrine chaos.

Inviting chaos into our health is a bad idea–one that we repeat over and over because we don’t know. And, given the almost total lack of reliable information, how could we know?

Why should you listen to me?

Well, you might ask, what makes me think I have the answers? Four words: Been there; done that.

A drunk driver careened into my parent’s car and whacked my endocrine system a month before my first birthday. Doctors didn’t help and after a health crisis that nearly killed me, I realized good health was up to me and started digging for answers.

Blazing trails takes a lot of time–especially when it contradicts a lot of what we’ve read and heard. It took more than thirty years to find good research and stitch all the pieces together. Integrating all the research data revealed a new understanding of the endocrine system.

I used what I learned to shape up my own endocrine system–which doctors assured me was hopeless. And to help others, too, so my research has been proved by practical application.

Start getting the answers you need

Which is good news for you. Rather than muck about in research for years, you can use this small book, Your Key to Good Health: The Amazing Endocrine System, to see how things are supposed to work and what symptoms tell you what’s not working.

The book describes the one-for-all, all-for-one interdependency of the endo system. Then each endocrine gland gets its own chapter, which covers what it’s supposed to do (and needs to do for good health), how you know when it’s off track and what causes it to derail. And one chapter lists some of the common symptoms of failure, gland by gland.

If your health’s not all it could be, Your Key to Good Health is a good place to start checking out what’s going on.

Available in three versions

You can get either a Kindle or paperback version of Your Key to Good Health: The Amazing Endocrine System at for list price ($7.95 for the Kindle version or $15.95 for the paperback edition) or less, here


Get the downloadable version of Your Key to Good Health, complete with detailed index, for $15. here.

Start your journey to better health with any version of this in-depth introduction to the endocrine system–otherwise known as the center of your universe.